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Contact:  Robert Harder, Managing Partner

Nor'easter Remedies

Nor'easter Remedies, LLC (N'R) intends to be one of the first cannabis micro-businesses in Massachusetts which will give N'R the ability to cultivate top-quality cannabis flower and process premium extracts for wholesale to retailers



Market Structure

Massachusetts's recreational / adult-use marijuana market finally opened in July 2018, rollout of licensing has been slow, with limited numbers of facilities currently operational 

All operating facilities were previously licensed medical dispensaries (vertically integrated) and given precedence for adult-use licensing


The new market sub-divides licensure across cultivation, processing, retail store fronts and social consumption establishments (e.g. weed bars)



Sales of recreational marijuana in Massachusetts's first full year of production are projected to be $700 million, growing steadily to $900 million by the year 2020


As a major tourism and cultural center of New England, Boston is uniquely positioned to serve as the central hub for recreational marijuana in the Northeast while New York and New Jersey lag behind on legalization


The market is ripe for entry, especially on the supply-side, with over 700,000 Massachusetts residents expected to be adult-use marijuana consumers, plus a further influx of cross-state customers leading analysts to project supply shortages in the opening years of the adult-use market in MA

Nor'easter Remedies

N’R has applied for a microbusiness license which permits both cultivation and processing – all product will then be sold to licensed retailers

Each aspect of the business and cultivation strategy has been chosen to optimize plant quality and potency, positioning N’R as premium/top-shelf

The flexibility of the microbusiness license will allow N’R to shift production focus from cultivating flower in early years of high demand, then shifting focus into production of in-demand extracts as flower prices decline and can be utilized as an input